Yesterday I received an e-mail, from another agency’s CIO, regarding Social Media.  I was hesitant to answer the e-mail . Two hours later the person called me wanting more information and would I come to their agency for a presentation. Today the requester has called twice! Although I have been doing all this social media stuff and I am part of the Federal WebManagers Sub-council for Social Media, I am by far not the expert.  I can say that Jeff Levy at the EPA has been quite an inspiration, he can run circles around me.  So over the weekend I will prepare for the presentation on Monday. I’ll try to not overwhelm them!  I welcome the opportunity for someone to pick my brain. If you are not already blogging, twittering, etc…you should seriously think about it. I have made so many wonderful contacts professionally that I would never have had if I just sat in my e-mail world. P.S…The paper I am working up will be available later on Scribd.