While you are deciding to get involved in social media, be sure do some research before hand. Research is important to know the audience, the demographics and to match the right tool with your purpose. There have already been some research studies and statistics generated for certain social media tools reaching different age groups. For starters check out: Pew Internet & American Life Project, Collection Gov’t links on Delicious for social media, Quantcast, and the list goes on and on. You get the point.

Keep informed about legal issues. Always check with your legal office, as I cannot give you legal advice. For starters check out:  Media case lawsuits – Bloggers, Legal guide for bloggers, for government – check your state attorney general’s office for any legal opinions.  Point is to stay informed.

And last..but not least….don’t forget about accessibility. Accessibility is not only making sure anyone can access, it is also making sure that people with disabilities can access your social media content. Some tools are accessible and some are not. WebAim has a lot of good content and training resources to help you make sure your content is accessible.