This is somewhat of a social media success story. On August 13, 2009 I posted up a document on Scribd. Scribd is a free social media document sharing site. The document in my mind was considered draft since I was still working on it. I really only uploaded so I could access it via mobile.  The document: Computer Basics for Seniors. I was using this for teaching materials for classes I have been teaching. Yes, I created on my own personal time and computer. Two days after I posted the document it was picked up by Scribd and on the feature list, which is the list you see of recommendations after you login.  Four days, after the initial posting, the document was on the Hit list. The hit list is a direct document under the category. All of this was totally unexpected. As of September 16, this document has had 2, 619 reads, 1,378 downloads. My account currently has over 2,800 people wanting to subscribe to my area for future documents. Needless to say, I don’t really have time to approve all 2,800+ subscribers. Screens and screens of clicks. During all of this the document was also Tweeted and Re-tweeted several times, by others (not me, since I only considered it draft). The document has become viral as those 1300+ people have shared it and then others have shared and so on.  In the past I have posted documents to my personal website and never received this much exposure.

My point is that unexpectedly your agency can become a social media success practically overnight. Social Media sites can help with getting the exposure your information needs. The information becomes viral. Additionally, be sure something is “final” unless you intend to post a “draft” as everything online is public and permanent, so don’t post drafts you’re not willing to have others see.  🙂