Everyone has a story…although mine is probably too long to put in a short post. Tonight was very emotional for me. It is unlike me to actually sit and write about it.  The night started off as normal as excepted. I stopped by the store, picked up a few things, went home and we decided to go to local pizza place to have some pizza. We are sitting there having a normal conversation, we made our order, the pizza come and we are eating. A lady comes in with two small children. They looked happy and made their order. A few minutes after they sat down, I heard the lady on the phone, she was calling what sounded like a friend or family member for help. She described a series of things that had happened in the past two to three weeks to her.  I gathered up cash from others at my table, although they did not understand why I wanted their cash. Then two other ladies came in. The ladies were there to take her children away.  Before I knew it, I was crying. The others at the table knew why I gathered up the money. The ladies left with the children. The mother was sitting there crying.  We got up to leave by then, I handed her the money I collected and said “hope this helps a little.”

I don’t know all circumstances to what had happened. I know there were times when people helped me when I needed it.

Hours later I still don’t know if I feel that I really helped and still upset over a mother loosing her children. But I hope what was collected, helped in some small way.  Everyone has a story.