Pertinent descriptions of my Masters in Education with concentration in Electronic Learning and other qualifying courses.


Information Systems in Education

4 Credits

This course explores the components of a quality information system; key Education information systems in world communities at the national, state/province, and district levels; and e-services provided to teachers, administrators, parents and the community by the school district. Impacts of information systems on education policies and classroom instruction are investigated.


Foundation of E-Learning

4 Credits

This course will focus on various factors that have prompted and perpetuated the rapid proliferation of e-learning. Factors to be examined include: (a) technological advancements, (b) pedagogical trends, and (c) societal needs. The extent and manner in which the interrelationships between these factors have shaped the current and future status of e-learning courses and programs will be explored.


Management of E-Learning programs

4 Credits

The focus of this course is on the management of e-learning programs – from a technical, pedagogical, and social perspective. The specific facets of e-learning that will be examined include management systems/platforms, e-learning content and program design, and issues of accessibility and cultural diversity. The management of e-learning programs will be juxtaposed to foundational concepts and principles of management. Mastery of these skills will be demonstrated through the completion of a session long project.


E-Learning Course Design and Curriculum Development

4 Credits

This course will focus on introductory aspects to course design and curriculum development. Both conceptual and technical aspects will be covered. Design and development topics covered include conducting a needs analysis, instructional design, interface design, development and evaluation. Practicum exercises will support the course content providing hands-on experience.


Capstone Integrative Sem. in E-Learning

4 Credits

Course Description: Development of an individual portfolio that reflects synthesis, integration and application of previously acquired knowledge. Each student submits a comprehensive power point presentation that gives a quick overview of the portfolio. This project should reflect that of a placement portfolio with a self assessment purpose.

LIS 5411 (FSU)
Introduction to Information Policy
Examines selected fundamental policy questions relating to information use, access, and dissemination. Particular attention is given to complex policy issues that involve value conflicts among information ownership rights, personal privacy rights, and public access rights to information in a societal context.

LIS 5487 (FSU)
Information Systems Management
An introduction to the role of information systems in organizations and how this relates to organizational objectives and structures. Covers the basics of management and information as they relate to each other in the operation of an information center.

LIS 5782 (FSU)
Database Management Systems
Examines the basic principles, elements and concepts of design, implementation and utilization of database management systems. Within database management systems, treats various models of data and databases. Also considers the administrative tasks associated in the database management environment.


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