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So a while back I had an invite to Facebook, so of course I clicked on the link and was “sucked” in immediately. Then a few months ago I signed up for a Twitter account. At first I was like…I feel like a “twit”. What do I have to say? Why would people want to follow me? (I’m still asking myself that question). I am now getting more diversed in using social media tools, and really see how they can benefit you professionally.  For me, I pretty much use Facebook for my “personal” stuff and “friends”. Twitter has become more of a work tool as I follow several software companies and enthusiasts. I have learned many things, that I don’t think I would otherwise have seeked out. So I do see the benefits. If you are not participating in social media/networking…you should at least professionally.


So today I presented Social Media to about 10 people at another state agency. I tried hard to look at this an opportunity to “teach” something, as I have been working hard on trying to get some credentials built for teaching.  Plus, thinking of this an a teaching opportunity provided me with less stress about it. Is that Stress 2.0 as someone that responded to one of my twitters called it.

Here is copy of what I gave as a “virtual” handout. It is by all means a compilation of many people’s hard work. I CANNOT take credit for most of it. It is still a working document in progress!

Draft – (Thanks Scribd, I can finally get some of my writings out there!)

P.S….I still have a strong desire to teach at the academic level…..I’m slowly getting there! 🙂

Yesterday I received an e-mail, from another agency’s CIO, regarding Social Media.  I was hesitant to answer the e-mail . Two hours later the person called me wanting more information and would I come to their agency for a presentation. Today the requester has called twice! Although I have been doing all this social media stuff and I am part of the Federal WebManagers Sub-council for Social Media, I am by far not the expert.  I can say that Jeff Levy at the EPA has been quite an inspiration, he can run circles around me.  So over the weekend I will prepare for the presentation on Monday. I’ll try to not overwhelm them!  I welcome the opportunity for someone to pick my brain. If you are not already blogging, twittering, etc…you should seriously think about it. I have made so many wonderful contacts professionally that I would never have had if I just sat in my e-mail world. P.S…The paper I am working up will be available later on Scribd.

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