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These are always a work in progress! Yup, I know I need to update all of this.

  1. Windows 7 – What Am I?
  2. Florida Social Media iToolkit
  3. Computer Basics for Seniors
  4. Internet Basics for Seniors
  5. Windows Basics for Seniors
  6. E-Mail Basics for Seniors
  7. Keeping up with the Grandkids: Technology Overview
  8. Interactive Common Ports (draft)
  9. Interactive Windows Vista Desktop (draft)
  10. Video sample for job interview (created July 2012 using Powerpoint 2010 and Camtasia)

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Featured Articles (written about things I’m working on):

  • Governing Magazine – 1-19-2010 – Backing Up Social Media: Florida IT professional’s pet project could help agencies with archiving their social media postings. for Guidance on Web 2.0


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