For some time now I have been watching the development of using Quick Response (QR) codes. Although they have been around for many years, the adoption has become more popular in the last couple of years.  However, it seems governments have had a slower adoption. I have read many articles that say they are worth the effort and some articles that say they are not effective.  Honestly, to create a QR code is pretty easy and only takes about a minute of your time to generate. I have been using a free site via Google. I log into my Google account, then type in my browser, put in a link and it not only will generate a QR code, but also a short link. I can check back later to see the statistics on my link/QR Code. For the end consumer, it is still a cumbersome process on my smart phone, as I have to open up my barcode scanner, scan and then wait a second or two for the code to be recognized, then my smart phone prompts to open in browser. 

I can see how using QR codes on a lot of publications is beneficial, whereby you can provide additional information to your consumers. However, it is super important to have a mobile optimized website.  I do not see the use of a QR codes being of much value is when displayed on billboards.  How on earth I am going to scan a billboard going 60 miles per hour?  Do you think I will jump out of my car to possibly try to scan something that is probably too far away? No.  
I also see organizations putting the codes directly on their website. Well….needless to say, I’m already on the website, why would I then want to scan the code to go to another page? How, why and what you use QR codes for is important to your audience. So be aware of places to put them that are easily available for scanning.  
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